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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

mobile web - branded communities

The mobile web is starting to sweep over to the United States.  Countries over seas have been far ahead of the mobile arena, mostly because of equipment types and far greater data speeds.  However not to fear the extreme growth of the mobile web is just now beginning.  

Many companies are providing WAP page, and social networking is a booming business as mobile web consumers begin to pull out their phones and dial up mobile URL's at a more frequent and rapid rate.

Many sites such as are coming available for individuals and companies to increase the coverage they already have by creating a mobile community.  

Monday, August 07, 2006

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Oklahoma cattle land for sale. My family owns over 2,000 acres of quality land in an excellent location. They have decided to put the ranch and farm land for sale. Please contact them directly or visit the website Oklahoma Cattle Ranch Allen Farms 405-364-3998
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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

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Interactve Designer flash website design New forum for questions and comments all about mac, Apple computers users and software. the mac community just opened and is wanting new members to sign up and move in.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mac is Black - now thats a nice Apple

Apple announced the release of its pentium ibook laptops. These new machines come with a lower price than the macbook pro, yet they still have a great ammount of power. Buy Mac and Apple has new and used mac products. Check it out and enjoy!

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Artificial Lawns hot on the market

Synthetic lawns are the hottest new thign in landscaping. I wrote a brief tutorial / guide on their installation. Take a look at the guide and enjoy. You may be the first person in your block to have a shiney new synthetic fake artificial and yes, plastic lawmn!
Synthetic Artifial lawn - Installation step one

Synthetic Artifial lawn - Installation step two

Synthetic Artifial lawn - Installation step three

Synthetic Artifial lawn - Installation step four

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Las Vegas wants My Freedom

Las Vegas wants to inspect every apartment once a year. This is invasion of freedom and privacy. Help to say no. Vegas Government Officials contact information.

Contact government officials and voice your opinion.

Share this graphic with everyone you know. Spread the word before it is too late.

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Saturday, April 29, 2006

mac laptop

Apple released the all new Mac Laptop.  The 17" mac laptop named the macbook pro is the flag ship of the mac laptop line.  This mac laptop contains ain intel core duo processor.  The mac laptop has a built - isight camera right in the mac laptop which makes it ready for video chat right out of the box.  This mac laptop is what apple calls pro on the go.  excellent speakers for a mac laptop and a desirable mac laptop viewable screen size.   Its worth the price and worth the size.  Thanks mac for releaseing your new 17" mac laptop

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pr6 design on Wordpress Blog

New link to check out.  pr6 design at wordpress.  Also I am working on the release of a Mac information / forum website.  More details to come soon.    

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Saturday, April 22, 2006

NetObjects Fusion - Simple Website Design program Try it!

For the novice web designer that just has to get a few things up on the web in a hurry this software has excellent looking designs and it is simple to use. As well it is very economical. Make a quick job look as professional as it would If I had built your website for you. Take a look at this software, I really recommended trying it out if you are a novice at website design but have to do it from time to time!New Release! NetObjects Fusion 9!

j mitchell allen
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Website Hosting Briefly Explained

Hello everyone i'm here today bringing you help with domain names and hosting companies. These are two areas that really get foggy for alot of people and I can understand why! There are so many different hosting companies out there now its hard to choose. If you do not know much about webservers and hosting companies, and if your not versed on very technical computer server terms, then this task can be very intimidating.

Since I'm a web designer as you would imagine i get to work with web servers on a daily basis. Saying that I have worked with several different clients. Each of these clients usully are on a different hosting company. This has given me a chance to experience the good the bad and the ugly when it comes to web hosting.

When you begin to look for a web hosting company there are a couple main features that you have to look for. First of all web hosting companies run two different types of computer servers. Some of them run Microsoft Server operating systems and some run the Linux operating system. Now of course, i'm sure your asking why your website uses a different operating system than you might. When it comes down to it Linux is historically a more stable machine. What this means is you will not find this machine shutting down on its own very often. This is very important with web-hosting and web-servers because you essentially have the possibility of someone seeing your website at all times. If the computer crashes, your website is not visible. Now the second part of choosing between a linux and Microsoft Windows server will be in the hands of your web designer. What are thy most comfortable and familiar writing the code for your website in. Linux is usually a code called PHP, Windows usually uses a code called ASP. There are others out there but I won't get into those details.

So now you have determined which type of server ( operating system ) that you want to use for your web server. Now there are 2 more rather major items that you need to look for. First is total size of webspace. This is the amount of the hard drive that the web hosting company will let you use. IF you fill it up they may charge extra. It's always good to find the biggest storage space at the lowest price if possible. I would not recommend getting a web hosting package that has under 500mb. Last you have Transfer. This is also measured in MB and GB. This is a monitor that says how much data has traveled in and out of your website. This is another one thats worth getting the highest amount of transfer data available for your buck. That pretty much covers the main points of web hosting. There are many different add-ons and such as "website optimizers" and other tools. These come with most hosting packages.

I want to leave you with a list of good reliable web hosting companies that I personally not only recommend, but I use these companies often.

Reliable, affordable business hosting from Yahoo! Web Hosting. Yahoo provides you with a total e-commerce package which is a shopping / online store package. This hosting plan is actually set at an excellent price at $29.96. Full of options and full of features!

ServerPronto - Full Dedicated Servers just $29.95! This has to be the best offer i have seen on the internet for a dedicated server. This gives the advanced users alot more control and access to server. A great company and awesome web hosting price.

Last I leave you with yet another great price for website hosting and domain name purchase. Introducing $7.95 Hosting, Free Setup and $75 Marketing Rebate at iPowerWeb. This is another great price, nice options and a quality company.

Take a look at these links, get some hosting then send me a link to everyones new website. I would love to see what you come up with!

j mitchell allen
the best graphic designer